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"This guitarist should'nt be long to shine in the sky of the best six-strings players...Far from being prisoner of the absolute solo concept, he is looking now for the presence of " road companions " as demanding as he is, on the basis of an eclectic music, opened to the influences of musicians as Ralph Towner, Egberto Gismonti, or Pat Metheny".


"Bob Bonastre is a French guitarist not much known by the guitar's lovers, and it' s a shame. His musical personnality, of a rare originality, and his music go far from the influences that have destroyed the creativity of many guitarist-composers.

Les Cahiers de la Guitare

"I would rate Bob Bonastre as highly as those by the acclaimed masters of the nylon string guitar such as Ralph Towner or Egberto Gismonti"

Christian Escoudé

Bangalore:Stunning acoustic guitar performance of Bob Bonastre and Konarak Reddy stole the show on the concluding day of the International Jazz and Blues Festival on sunday.

Bob and Konarak were dramatic and nuanced in their guitar flourishes.

While Bob showed his repertoire of african tunes,Konarak was exciting with his mix of south Indian,jazz and western classical music. Konarak's interplay of the acoustic and electric guitar and Bob's sudden culminations were telling.

Prashanth GN, Times of India, lundi 03/12/07

"MitausgeprägtemFormgefühl,dasThemen und Improvisationenzusammenhält, misikalischerReife und spieltehnischerKlasseschafft Bonastreeinenspannenden und unaufdringlichenmusikalischenKosmos. JedesweitereHörenlässtwiederNeuesmitnochmehrTiefgangentdecken. FürGenieser".

Jens Hausmann, Akustik Gitarre

"Bob Bonastre:non semplicemente un virtuoso dello strumento accessibile solo agli addetti ai lavori, piuttosto interessato principalmente ad omaggiare i vari popoli con cui ha avuto contatti nei suoi numerosi viaggi ma anche solo con la sua fervida fantasia. Le sue corde evocano immagini baluginanti,quasi archetipiche, tenendosi peraltro lontano da banalita di certa musica new age. Cè quasi sempre una evocativa intensita nella poetica di Bonastre, che penetra nel cuore e nella mente dell'ascoltatore, e ne cattura l'attenzione come non èaffato facile fare in solitaria sul palco".

Beppe Montresor,l'Arena di Verona"



"Melodic harmony, expressiveness and power of improvisation."


in Music 2011


"Selection of specially selected songs in a musical journey around the globe. "




" Bob has a particular vision of art, the result of cross cultural context in which he grew up and lives without compromise.His music is original, as is his approach to the instrument, with percussion, using a piece of paper, a chinese stick and alternate tunings in search of a sound evocative. Furthermore, the use of voice as melodic instrument, without words, helps create a truly unique musical footprint. "


Mario Giovannini , Rockerilla